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I don’t have the miles in my legs or the time on feet to really back this up but nonetheless, this weekend I’m heading to Blair Castle to take part in Rocket Events’ Highlander, Last One Standing with a few pals.

I will be running alongside Colin McCall and Fiona Shepherd who is raising funds for MSA Trust (Multiple System Atrophy).

The last one standing/backyard ultra format is one that I’ve been interested in for a while and when Fiona mentioned it I thought I should give it a go. The biggest problem is that I’ve not given myself enough time to build long miles following surgery a few months ago and ongoing niggles from both knees. However, the great thing about this type of event is that no matter how many miles you’ve run, you’re still only a few miles away from your car/tent/gazebo/mat/sleeping bag.

I’m treating it as a training event, really. There are no expectations other than the ones I set myself. There’s no finish line apart from the one at the end of each lap.

For anyone still unfamiliar with the format it’s pretty simple: Be at the start line on the hour, every hour or you’re out. Technically a DNF. The last person to finish a lap on their own, is the winner, however long that takes.

What I’m looking forward to is a sense of community and making some new friends. Chatting and jogging, taking it easy, trying to cross the line within 45-50 minutes. That brings me to the next thing I’m looking forward to, eating. I’ve got loads of food options packed and plan to eat plenty proper food. In saying that, I also have my UCAN bottles, homemade UCAN gels and electrolytes and am so hoping that I need them and don’t have to stop due to injury. It’s a bit weird getting my head around the fact that I’ll be in our own little aid station every hour. I’ve probably packed too much stuff, too many options.

Waterproof clothes, warm layers (Loomi tops, short and long sleeved), sun cream, midge repellent, hats, spare boxers, spare socks, spare shoes(!), creams and lotions, compeed, rocktape. I even managed to get a hold of a gas cylinder so we can set up our own wee kitchen (Anya is coming too as support crew which includes preparing food for 3 of us, although she seems to think she’s going to a festival).

That’s us all in the van now, one the way. Van is packed to the gunnels! Fingers crossed for everything holding out. X

Here's the link to Fiona's fundraising page:

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