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Knees up

Finally getting around to a blog post-surgery. Post post-surgery follow up, actually.

So much has gone on since my last blog in fact that I am now, actually, back running. A little.

In brief, I had a couple of weeks being pretty much sedentary aside from hobbling backwards and forwards in the house. Made it to my music room a lot where I played my pipes (sitting down – which was mighty craic), played my guitar and sang a little. I played a few other things too and hit record while I was at it so I actually finally got around to making some progress with the musical project that has been simmering for a decade. It’s popped back to a simmer since movement returned but I’ll get back to it. Promise.

Physically it’s been up and down. The predictable and corny rollercoaster. I always worried that I’d get back moving with my left knee sorted and I’d have recurring problems with my right. So it is.

I gently returned to exercise with my leg raises and so on, got back into the pool and swam (first swim without a pull buoy was nerve-wracking but a piece of cake), jumped on the turbo and cycled with very little resistance and even started some strength work (core and weights). All this was fine but I have a nasty niggle returning to my right knee while my left is healing well.

Post-surgery follow up was very positive. After initial caution and “maybe wait another 2 weeks if it’s a bit painful” the surgeon – who did a magnificent job, by the way – said “really, I would just go for it” adding that he would usually advise this after 6 weeks, I was then 8 weeks post-op. So, go for it I kind of did.

It looked a bit like this:

Jog/walk – 1min jog + 3mins walk

Jog/walk – 1min jog + 1min walk

Jog/walk – 5.8km (dropping the car off at garage!)

Jog – 8km after open water swim

Jog 5.8km (to pick up the car from garage)

Jog 5.8km (back home ‘cos car still broken) – this was the silly one that actually hurt a bit.

I left it for a few days after that and then took to the field next to my house. It’s a 1km loop so I set off on some MAF sessions (heart rate based training that I’ve done before and I want to return to to build a bit of a base).

MAF jog – 6km

MAF jog – 6km

MAF jog – 4km

When I went for my follow up I also asked the surgeon for a bit of advice regarding my right knee which I had hurt in December 2020 and it’s never fully healed. MRI showed nothing and he said there is nothing he would do but suggested steroid injection might help stimulate healing.

So, raging that I’d put myself backwards and gutted about my right knee, the good one, I wondered what the feck I was going to do and am considering an injection.

But, I also went for a sports massage with Cat Robertson-Glasgow. Cat almost immediately noticed that there were some muscular weaknesses in my right knee and has given me some instruction on how to activate and strengthen the correct muscles to support my kneecap and hopefully preventing injuring further. It’s been 5 full days now and the difference is so encouraging.

Since then:

MAF jog – 10km

MAF jog – 10km

MAF jog (road) – 8km

And that’s where I am now. I’ve taken a day’s rest and will try again tomorrow.

Swimming is on the back burner for now while I see how I get on with this easy running although I should try and get to the pool at least once and maybe open water for the craic. I’ll continue with the strengthening and making improvements with the piobaireachd.

On that note (see what I did there), the tunes are coming. There are new ones written, some recorded that will be re-recorded and several bits and bobs added until I get to a point where I can share them in a public space. Maybe I should set a deadline?

Also, nearly forgot, I received my new Loomi short-sleeved top in the post from Anne Weir the other day. Tried it out a couple of times now for short MAF runs. I absolutely love it! Perfect kit addition at the perfect time. It hugs me like a figure-hugging hugger, cosy and fresh at the same time. As long as the knees hold out, it’s going to see a lot of action. Check out, if you haven’t already.


I'm adding a wee pic of my pipes because it would be rude not to.

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