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A journey forwards

And so begins the next leg, or at least the next knee of this journey.

Yesterday. March 14th 2022 I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee and the surgeon also performed chondroplasty, without a script! No tickets were sold, it’s a sign of the times.

So he (the surgeon, or maybe his registrar, I don’t know) made a couple of incisions either side of my knee, inserted a camera and the necessary tools for the job. He saw what needed to be done and sorted it out. Chondroplasty means taking away some of the crappy bits of cartilage that have been giving me grief. Pretty flip-flop amazing actually.

I was early to the hospital as I hitched a lift from a mate who also just happened to have a wee appointment – another sign of the times – so I ended up a bit early which gave me time for a walk over towards Melrose and back. Still early when I arrived at the unit no one seemed too bothered and sorted me out with my own wee bed space.

Ach, I’ll not drone on about all that crap but it’s a first time for me, being in hospital for a doo dah.

Staff were amazing, chatting to me as they knocked me out, chatting very pleasantly again as they politely revived me. Whatever they gave me to knock me out was pretty good stuff, I felt groovy and ready for a top-up.

So, 2 years after my injury – chondromalacial patellae – I can now look forward to recovery, rehab and getting on the trails. Although at the moment I’m getting around with a walking stick and spending much time on my backside popping pain killers.

Over the last few months I’ve been pretty lucky actually. Getting out for a few runs with Anya, Meggs and the odd pal who was up for it. It’s been amazing getting back out and enjoying the open spaces again but it’s also been really easy to overdo it and knock myself back pretty much as soon as I start to feel any benefit.

Nothing for the next 5-6 weeks but I’m sincerely hoping that I can get back out to start building some miles.

In the meantime I’ll rest up and practice some tunes – I’ve been working on my circular breathing with the chanter, more on that later, likely. X

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